PO Box 362, Grimesland, NC 27837


We get a lot of questions....

Where will the coffee shop be located? 

This is our most frequently asked question and for a good reason! We are just as excited about this endeavor as you are and we look forward to being able to give a definite answer. We have some areas where we would like to be located but as of right now, we have a lot of funds to raise for start-up and first year costs.

When will you open?  

The timeframe depends on when we reach our financial goal. Our community of supporters (YOU!) will help determine when we open the doors.

How much money do you need to raise? 

Our financial goal is to raise $300,000. This will help cover building acquisition and first year's lease, up fitting, equipment, training, merchandise, inventory, and any other expenses that go along with opening a retail business. 

Why are you a nonprofit? Won't the coffee shop make money? 

The shop will make money but due to the increased number of employees required to operate, our payroll will be larger than the typical coffee shop. We expect to be 70-80% sustaining which means fundraising will be a year-round necessity.

How many employees do you expect to hire? 

Our current plan is to hire a manager and 3 shift managers who are not special needs adults. Our hope is hire at least 20 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There will also be volunteer opportunities available.

How can I donate? 

It's easy! Click on the DONATE tab at the top of this page and follow the directions for online donations. The option for monthly donating will get us to our goal more quickly! You can also mail a check to the address provided.

How can I get involved?  

Click on the CONTACT US tab above. There you can share your area of expertise or tell us how you would like to help us fulfill the mission of opening Awaken Coffee.