PO Box 362, Grimesland, NC 27837


About Us


Our President

Carol Preston is the aunt of an adult living with Down Syndrome. She holds an associates degree in sign language interpreting and has experience as a support service provider to the deaf/blind. Her experiences with this population and long history of organization and implementation of special projects and events have solidified her desire to provide an avenue for them to fully realize their absolute potential and self value.


Our Vice President

Jennifer Dyson is a long time Greenville resident and the mother of a son who is high functioning autistic. This makes her very aware of the need in the community to provide a place of employment for special needs individuals. Jennifer’s husband and she are small business owners where she works as the financial manager. She brings a passionate awareness of business which is full of practical experience along with an ambition to help make the service provided by the charity as excellent as it can be for those it employs.


Our Mission

Lives of Purpose was created to employ as many adults with intellectual and development disabilities as possible.  The Charity will open Awaken Coffee  to fulfill this purpose.   We  have partnered  with  a  roaster  that  also  employs  special  needs  people and  are  looking  for  other  avenues  to  partner  with  similar  employers.  

We believe in fostering confidence, acceptance and dignity which can have significant effects in the life of special needs persons.   We  know  that  this  mission  cannot  be  fulfilled  without  the  support  of  the  community .   Want  to  know  how  you  can  help?  Check  out  our  Donate  and Contact  Us  pages  for  more  information.

Additional Board Members

Jeff Manning


Jeff has a nephew who is autistic. Jeff has over 28 years of full time pastoral experience and can therefore provide insights into the development of a health self esteem in persons with special needs. Unity Church, where he pastors, has a special needs ministry that serves several individuals on a weekly basis. 

Troy Worthington


Troy has a long history of working with nonprofit organizations, as well as the special needs community. Through all of his past and current positions, Troy has gained valuable experience working with a broad range of individuals with special needs, assisting each of them with learning and developing their strengths and gifts in order for them to succeed.